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What to look for in a shop crane
Jul 12 2016

So you are in the market for a crane and do not know which way to turn.  You try a Google search, but your search terms aren't turning up anything relevant in regards to your search.  In fact, many times your search terms are much different than... Learn more

What do I need to know when buying a bridge crane?
Jul 07 2016

The majority of people not in the crane industry assume that a bridge crane is just a bridge crane or a monorail crane is just a monorail crane but that is just not the case... Learn more

What is a Monorail Crane?
Jul 05 2016

A monorail crane is a type of lifting device that acts as an option to conventional cranes or conveyors. Crane manufacturers commonly utilize these... Learn more

Seawolf Nuclear Submarines choose Kundel Cranes
Jun 29 2016

Recently Seawolf came to Rhino Assemblies looking for a light-duty workstation crane to install over their existing Konecranes top running crane.  The crane was to be used for installing the 30 ft tall dome on top of the Seawolf Nuclear Submarine... Learn more